Best And Worst Smartphones Out Now

Smartphones have taken the world by storm these past few years, and for good reason: they offer inconceivable amounts of information, accessible to us at any moment, all in a compact package we can carry around in our pocket. All smartphones are not created equal, however. Here are your best, and worst, bets. Those who are interested in ripoff have already tried dealdashtips and are more than satisfied.

The Best

Apple iPhone 4S

The smartphone that started it all, Apple’s iPhone continues to shine. Its intuitive interface and sleek design keep people coming back for more, and with each new model more exciting, cutting edge features are introduced. The most impressive feature of the iPhone 4S is arguably Siri, the phone’s voice assistant whose capacity to understand and respond to even the strangest requests and queries is downright uncanny. While the iPhone doesn’t offer the same customization opportunities as Android phones, it’s a great pick for anybody looking for an easy-to-use, quick, fun, and highly functional smartphone.


If you want the power of a smartphone but not the bulkiness that comes with most models, look no further than the HTC One S. This little guy is rather speedy, too, which is definitely important for a pleasant smartphone experience. It also has a great camera and is excellent for gaming and multimedia. If you want a phone with a big display and all the bells and whistles, this isn’t your best bet, but if you’re looking for something small, quick, and fun this phone could be for you.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

On the opposite end of the size spectrum, we have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It boasts a 4.6-inch screen and a beautiful display, a winning combination that amounts to an awesome visual experience for the user. It also features Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, a fun and slick operating system that’s winning raves in the tech world. Though its camera isn’t top notch, it’ll do the trick for most casual phone users. If a big display and cool new operating system sound good to you, this phone might be right up your alley.

The Worst

HP Veer

Don’t be fooled by the cute, trendy appearance of this smartphone; its small size makes it essentially unusable. All of its cool features become pretty meaningless when the keyboard and screen are so tiny that even those with small hands and perfect vision find it annoying. Go for a smartphone that’s not quite so ridiculously compact.

T-Mobile Comet

There’s nothing outrageously terrible about this phone, but it doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities, either, other than being more affordable than other phones. If you’re looking for value, there are better phones out there for about the same price.  

Motorola Titanium

This phone is designed as a sort of macho smartphone, one that can withstand higher than average levels of use and abuse. In theory, this seems like a good idea, but in reality it leaves us with a clunky, nearly unusable mess. The phone runs on an old operating system incapable of being updated. Most astoundingly, basic web surfing is virtually impossible on this phone—even trying to access a basic shopping cart platform is a hassle. Don’t waste your money on this hunk of metal.

About the author: Danielle Woods is a proud tech geek who writes technology blogs and consumer reviews of the latest gadgets.

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