Window Phone 7 Multimedia

Entertainment is part of the core focus for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, as evident from the music & video hub. So how does one unleash the full multimedia potential of your Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone?


Zune is the glue that binds your Windows Phone 7 and your PC, functioning as the connecting software that synchronizes your PC’s media files with windows Phone 7. If you haven’t done so, go to the Zune website and install Microsoft Zune.

Wireless Sync

Need to reduce the clutter of wires hanging around on your desk? You can wirelessly sync your windows Phone 7 device with zune. To do so, click on Settings (top, slightly off-centre), followed by the Phone tab, you’ll notice a wireless sync option, which displays the current network your windows Phone 7 device is logged onto. As its name implies, this is an option to synchronize the content between your PC and mobile device wirelessly. This is possible under a few conditions:

1. The PC and Windows Phone 7 device are connected to the same network.

2. The PC must be logged on to the user account where Zune is installed onto.

3. The Windows Phone 7 device has been charging for at least 10 minutes.

Connecting Windows Phone 7 to PC

A connection between your PC and Windows Phone 7 device is easily established through USB. Setting up the phone for its initial connection with the PC is simple, with just a few prompts to name your phone and a quick software check (and update if required) before your device is connected to the Zune software on your PC.

Managing your Sync Rules and Music on Zune

An important aspect of content synchronization is fie management. The same rule applies to windows Phone 7, to keep your entertainment well-organized and readily accessible with a flick of your finger.

Firstly, we look at your sync rules, which will guide your PC and device to synchronize the required content. Go to Settings > Phone > Sync Options and set your sync rules. Choosing “All” will pull any content within your Zune software into your phone. The initial sync might take a while if your music library is huge, but it’ll be a hassle-free experience since you won’t have to manually drag the files over.

Secondly, you’ll have to manage the folders that Zune has to monitor for any new multimedia files. Going to Settings > Software and Collection will show you where your music, videos, pictures and podcasts folders are. You can choose to add or remove folders to manage and perhaps minimize the amount of content that needs to be synchronized to your Windows Phone 7 device.

Alternatively, for a more hands-on approach to managing your files on Windows Phone 7, you can choose to manage your Zune folders separately. With the appropriate sync rules, only files within the Zune folders are synchronized, keeping the Windows 7 library separate from windows Phone 7. This is particularly useful if your multimedia library exceeds the maximum capacity of your Windows Phone 7 device.

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