Use Your Watch As A Cell Phone!


Mobile phones are widely used today, but there are a lot of people who are not satisfied with their mobile phones which they could not keep in their pockets, In particular, the problem arises during the use of mobile phone while driving. Looking for a solution to this problem is a trusted watches-making company, which has launched a unique brand of watches which can be used to receive telephone calls.

These watches are embedded with an internal function of displaying the caller number. Currently three models are available in the market if, Classic, Express and Music.These watches are also embedded with vibration function, which follows the function of an appeal on mobile phones. These watches would obviously be very useful for those who use it to receive calls while driving. As it also serves as a simple watch, no one can prove that you are talking on a mobile phone while driving.The makers of these watches are very hopeful that they will receive positive response from the users, as they have worked their best.

The most interesting feature of this watch is that they vibrate when you receive a call on your cell phone and they also have internal CLI system that the caller number. According to some users of these watches are feeling satisfied with them. They are based on Bluetooth technology, which means they can only work with Bluetooth-embedded mobile phones. All one has to do is to connect the watch with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your watch as your receiver and microphone.

2 thoughts on “Use Your Watch As A Cell Phone!

  1. Cool. This is creative.. I supposed the mic is good enough. But if the watch itself can function like a phone it will be really great..just that keypad could be a problem that time…=.=”

  2. Somehow i feel hand free using blue tooth is more convenient in terms of privacy and the incoming voice. But this is not a bad idea. It do looked very cool to speak to your watch just like power ranger XD

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