T-Mobile HTC MyTouch 4G Slide

HTC has launched its newest member of myTouch series to work with T-Mobile’s 4G network, the myTouch 4G Slide. myTouch 4G Slide is breaking the trend of dedicated touchscreen devices with its 4-row QWERTY keyboard in elegantly sturdy design that runs on Android platform and HTC Sense’s gorgeous user-interface. As the name employs, it runs under T-Mobile’s widest 4G network. Aside from its slide-out keyboard, myTouch 4G has the best camera even for a smartphone as it is capable of taking panoramic shots. Streaming movies? Well, myTouch 4G makes movie streaming and even watching your favorite TV shows a whole lot easier with its Netflix app. If you are amazed by its predecessor myTouch 3G Slide, how much more with this latest innovation from HTC? Will it be worth the investment? What’s behind this powerhouse capability?


myTouch 4G is powered by the latest and most reliable mobile platform, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread. HTC also configured myTouch 4G with 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon proeccessor with 4GB internal memory and 768MB RAM. Additionally, it has integrated 8GB microSD card and expandable memory with the use of external memory card. However, it comes with a slightly smaller screen display of 3.7-inch with 800×480 resolution; however, it is much thicker to give room for a nicely laid out sliding QWERTY keyboard. The 4.8×2.4×0.5-inch phone comes with microUSB and 3.5mm headphone ports and supports the 4G network of T-Mobile – HSPA+ technology as well as other networks such as Wi-Fi, A-GPS, GPS, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth 3.0. HTC myTouch 4G Slide is available in black and white colors.


One remarkable feature of HTC myTouch 4G Slide is its solid slide-out keyboard which makes it easier to type on. The Accelerometer sensor, in the meantime,allows you to auto-rotate the UI. On the other hand, the proximity sensor lets you to auto switch off the display while on call. The second most remarkable feature of myTouch 4G is its camera which uses a very special lens. myTouch 4G’s 8-megapixel autofocus camera is loaded with advanced features for digital camera, zero shutter lag and dual LED flash making it a feasible substitute for your point-and-shoot digital camera. Actually, you will find two cameras on the device – one is capable of shooting 1080p videos while the second camera is used for video calling. The camera delivers bright and crisp life-like images while the video is utterly great. Moreover, it is loaded with functional Android apps including quick office editor. Finally, it does perfectly great in mobile web browsing as well as voice calling.

HTC myTouch 4G Slide is already out in the US market since July 27, 2011 for $199.99 and comes with a 2-year contract agreement with T-Mobile. Granted, myTouch 4G might be heavy but its added weight completely compensates the convenience that comes along for a smartphone. Its user interface might lack some spice yet its camera is loaded with the most advanced features that will make you leave your point-and-shoot digital camera at home. If you want to stand out with your Android phone, then myTouch 4G is more than enough.

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