The Failure Of Being Time Warner

With last year’s acquisition of Insight Communications by Time Warner, I have begun to see why customers of Time Warner have grown disgusted with the quality of their services and why are considering DirecTV.

For months on end I have seen nothing but a degradation of my services at home, services that I depend upon to be able to accomplish the vast majority of the work that I do.

When Insight was our provider, never did I see failing quality like this nor did I have any complaints regarding their customer service reps who were always more than happy to assist any problem I may have had.

The reverse is true with Time Warner.

It’s amazing how one company, taking over a pre-existing network and infrastructure, could so quickly allow it to fall into shambles – at least that is the perception that a customer like me has. How can the quality of my service so suddenly drop when they are using the exact same equipment that I have been using for the past three years? Why is my speed suddenly dropping – never mind the fact that the price has done nothing but gone up while the connection has decreased. It’s honestly sickening.

With their merger with Comcast looming and their nation wide blackout still fresh on the minds of all Americans, I am hoping that the merger will fail to go through. They made it abundantly clear why it is so dangerous to allow a few companies to have control over the vast majority of the network within the nation.

All it takes is a simple mistake as the one that was made two weeks ago to see millions of people lose connection. It is nothing short of dangerous as well as utterly ignorant to allow them to gain control over even more customers.

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