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Samsung Galaxy Note 1717 LTE

Samsung has released different versions of Galaxy Note 1717 according to the use and demand. You will found Samsung phone at every price difference of thousand. Recently Samsung has announced the new upgrade of Galaxy Note 1717 to Samsung Galaxy Note 1717 LTE. Galaxy Note 1717 LTE is also known as the Galaxy Note 1717 4G or Samsung SGH – 1717. It is a brilliant phone. It fails many of other phones and tablets. It is a phone as well as a tablet but it is not a tablet. Let’s check out the configurations.

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Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

It is a bold statement to say that the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Mobile Phone is the best phone on the planet, but many of its owners would agree wholeheartedly. You get a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor, which you would be content to find in a laptop, never mind a mobile phone. The screen is a whopping 4.3 inches in size, which makes this one of the larger phones on the market. Somehow, this phone manages to remain stylish and sleek, even with its huge size.

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Samsung Droid Charge

Samsung Droid Charge comes in a very sleek design, powered by the latest 4G network and equipped with a gigantic super AMOLED screen display. It also comes with 8MP camera capable of shooting high definition video and has a mobile hotspot ability capable of connecting as many as 10 Wi-Fi ready devices or 5 devices through 3G CDMA network.

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