Bing Commercial Featuring The Cell Phone

If finding answers in the real-world resulted in the same kind of unrelated and overwhelming information that most search engines provide you with, something easy like finding a new cell phone could take months. The new decision engine, Bing, will help make your searches quick and painless by helping you avoid search overload syndrome and letting you get the information you need.

Latest IPhone 3G Ad: “Read”

Apple has today introduced their latest iPhone television ad. Titled “Read”, it continues to publicize the collection of massive third-party software available at their App Store:

“One of the great things about the iPhone is that if you want to read a restaurant review, there is an app for that (Yelp); if you want to read an MRI, there is an app for that (OsiriX); and if you just want to read a regular novel, of course, it has such an app (Classics).

Yup, there is an app for just about everything, only on the iPhone.”