Sony Ericsson Z610i On The Way

The new Sony Ericsson Z610i is one of the most design perfect clamshell phones. The designers have said that they had in their mind to make the best looking clamshell ever. At least their efforts are not in vain as the phone is making big time numbers in sales. The cell phone also provides online internet facilities which enable the customers to share pictures very fast. The phone supports UMTS or GSM series such as 900, 1800 and 1900.

The size of the cell phone is pretty normal sized. The length is just below 10 centimeter where as the width is 5 centimeter. Also the height of the cell phone is just 2 centimeter. The overall weight is just 110 grams. The storage place is 16MB and it is also expandable. The cell phones have pretty good battery life time when compared to other clamshell type cell phones. More over the trade mark sound quality of the Sony Ericson is also present in this cell phone too. The camera is 2 mega pixels and the zoom is available up to 2.5 times.

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