Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

And still with the new smartphones…it seems that there is a new one on-shelf every few minutes these days. It’s understandable… these devices have become integral to our everyday lives, and most certainly to the way we communicate.

The thing is that choices become so difficult when picking one of these devices for personal use. It really comes down to choosing operating system. If you’re after Android, Google’s popular OS, then Sony Ericsson has a wide range of choice in the form of the Xperia phones. Once again, the lines sometimes blur here, as there are a fair number of Xperia handsets on the market. And the majority of them look pretty much the same.

The Arc offers the end user all the expected functionality of a smart phone, including access to social networks and a host of other functions. The clear 4.2 inch screen allows easy use, while the 8.1 megapixel camera also serves to allow full HD video recording.

An HDMI port is a nice bonus feature, as well as WiFi access.

If you are after an Xperia, then the Arc is a great choice. It features stylish looks and good functionality – things that are required by the modern smart phone user.

Verdict: It’s a great handset, but it is art of a massive crowd…

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