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Galaxy Note 4 Rumors, Specifications And Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Next year Samsung will reveal the best smartphones of the market including Galaxy S5, Note 4 and later Galaxy S6 smartphone. You must know Samsung Galaxy S5 is releasing early Jan 2014 and in the same year, Samsung will launch Galaxy S6 in fourth quarter of 2014. Along with Galaxy S5 its big brother Galaxy Note 4 rumors has started breathing and spreading like fire.

Here we have arranged few of the rumors that are just revealed on the web. We don’t promise that they are true but if we think about the 2014 smartphones, then they seems to be true.


Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S5 Would Carry 64-bit Chipset

After the launch of Apple iPhone 5S with 64-bit chipset, Samsung has hinted about the next generation Exynos chipset series that will have true 64-bit architecture and will take the performance to the next level. And Samsung hinted, soon this new chipset will appear in Jan with the launch of Galaxy S5 and later Galaxy S6 will take this 64-bit architecture to the next level in the smartphone era.


Samsung Galaxy Note 1717 LTE

Samsung has released different versions of Galaxy Note 1717 according to the use and demand. You will found Samsung phone at every price difference of thousand. Recently Samsung has announced the new upgrade of Galaxy Note 1717 to Samsung Galaxy Note 1717 LTE. Galaxy Note 1717 LTE is also known as the Galaxy Note 1717 4G or Samsung SGH – 1717. It is a brilliant phone. It fails many of other phones and tablets. It is a phone as well as a tablet but it is not a tablet. Let’s check out the configurations.

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Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

It is a bold statement to say that the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Mobile Phone is the best phone on the planet, but many of its owners would agree wholeheartedly. You get a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor, which you would be content to find in a laptop, never mind a mobile phone. The screen is a whopping 4.3 inches in size, which makes this one of the larger phones on the market. Somehow, this phone manages to remain stylish and sleek, even with its huge size.

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Samsung Galaxy Note

A month before, Samsung has announced a monster smartphone which is Samsung Galaxy Note. Millions of people are waiting for the release date of this phone. In major countries this phone will hit the market in month of November. The expected sales of this phone are huge as its size. This phone is also called as monster smartphone because of its size and its very latest hardware configuration.

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Samsung I897 Captivate

The demands of smartphones have gradually increased. There are number of leading smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. Every single smartphone manufacturing brands offers number of smartphone. Samsung has maximum number of smartphone availabilities among all brands. There are many famous Samsung smartphones. This review is about Samsung i897 Captivate smartphone.

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Samsung R910 Galaxy Indulge

Recently, Samsung has reached to the top most leading brands of smart gadgets manufacturing. Samsung has a wide range of smartphone of different construction and different configuration. It has every type of smartphone. Galaxy is the name of smartphone and tablet PC series by Samsung. This review is about the slider type smartphone Samsung R910 Galaxy Indulge.

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Samsung Galaxy SPICA GT-I5700

Another smartphone has ruled the market. Since iPhone receives a lot of issues about its pricing, most people are now more practical and look into the more competitive price of gadgets without sacrificing the features that are most wanted by buyers.

This Samsung Galaxy SPICA GT-I5700 is an Android phone that boosts its usefulness by carrying with it characteristics that are very much similar to the more expensive smartphone. Unlike other phones, Samsung SPICA will let you download applications that are free. Its functions are user-friendly and do not necessarily need a user’s manual to be followed gradually. It provides a widget that easily guides a user into using a function or application.

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