Samsung Tocco F480

The Samsung Tocco F480, in brief, is a slim and sexy smart phone. While it is certainly not quite an iPhone beater, the Samsung Tocco does come with great features such as a more usable touchscreen and cool interface. This comes with a cool widgets feature that users will certainly find very interesting. In the past, Samsung’s touchscreens were drab with their monochrome interfaces but the Samsung Tocco has changed all that with its refreshing and faster response to user commands. It also has an adjustable haptic feedback where the phone vibrates slightly when you touch the menus or icons.

Samsung has packed plenty of features in the Tocco. The smart phone supports HSDPA which means the user can obtain speeds of up to 7.2Mbps for web access. There are also dual cameras for video calling and the phone supports the 3G network. The main camera is an impressive 5MP and besides the autofocus and LED photo light, it comes with a face and smile detection. Other extra features such as an FM tuner, RSS reader and 223MB of onboard memory and microSD card slot makes this smart phone a wow factor for buyers.

Mobile phone deals such as the Samsung Tocco is certainly not something to pass by, and in short, the Samsung Tocco is certainly carves a notch in its class of smart phones. One can certainly say with impunity that the Samsung Tocco is one of the best smart phones around in the market.

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