Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

It is a bold statement to say that the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Mobile Phone is the best phone on the planet, but many of its owners would agree wholeheartedly. You get a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor, which you would be content to find in a laptop, never mind a mobile phone. The screen is a whopping 4.3 inches in size, which makes this one of the larger phones on the market. Somehow, this phone manages to remain stylish and sleek, even with its huge size.

For entertainment, you will not be disappointed with this phone. Because of the capacity of it’s processor, you will be able to download and run any app from the Android app market, including the Android’s version of the Adobe flash player. You will be able to view flash content on the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Mobile Phone and play online flash games if you wish. Because the screen is so large, you will have no problems viewing them.

The phone comes with either 16GB or 32GB installed inside the phone. With a microSD expansion slot, you can expand your memory size by up to another 32GB – that’s a total of 64GB! That’s plenty of space to save your photos and videos.

The rear camera is a huge 8-mega pixels – great for capturing you treasured moments. The front camera is 2 mega pixels, which isn’t as stunning, but for video chats it’s ideal as it doesn’t require as much data transfer. With a flash feature that can even be turned on to act as a torch by downloading an app, this is a great phone for photography.

The phone has quad band coverage, with Bluetooth, wireless and 3G to allow you to stay connected. GPS even allows you to turn your Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Mobile Phone into a satellite navigation device.

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