Samsung Galaxy SPICA GT-I5700

Another smartphone has ruled the market. Since iPhone receives a lot of issues about its pricing, most people are now more practical and look into the more competitive price of gadgets without sacrificing the features that are most wanted by buyers.

This Samsung Galaxy SPICA GT-I5700 is an Android phone that boosts its usefulness by carrying with it characteristics that are very much similar to the more expensive smartphone. Unlike other phones, Samsung SPICA will let you download applications that are free. Its functions are user-friendly and do not necessarily need a user’s manual to be followed gradually. It provides a widget that easily guides a user into using a function or application.

Considerably, this phone’s features are for the social networking addicts as you can download web-based applications that will help your browsing and socializing more efficient. Video streaming is unconventional as it supports DivX formats that make playbacks remarkable. Camera use is of high definition in a 3.2 megapixel resolution.

Battery life is also justifiable. It lasts up to three days but with the constant use of the internet, it could last up to two days. One good thing about the physical look of this phone is its rubber-like back design. It makes it easier to grip while using it. You can also enjoy the qwerty texting using the landscape mode. However, there are buttons that are not ideal to be used on a less lighted area because that lower part does not have a back light.

The screen size is 3.2 inches making browsing and viewing files even more convenient. You will also experience fast browsing and navigating as it has 800 mhz processor. One good thing also is the application that supports ebooks. If you love reading books you will also love this phone especially if you are on the go and do not see as convenient carrying all the books you want.

If you are looking for a good smartphone to start from, you can try Samsung Galaxy SPICA GT-I5700. It is not just cost-friendly but it is also very easy to use.

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