Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S5 Would Carry 64-bit Chipset

After the launch of Apple iPhone 5S with 64-bit chipset, Samsung has hinted about the next generation Exynos chipset series that will have true 64-bit architecture and will take the performance to the next level. And Samsung hinted, soon this new chipset will appear in Jan with the launch of Galaxy S5 and later Galaxy S6 will take this 64-bit architecture to the next level in the smartphone era.

In last couple of months, few rumors came in the front which was confirming the hyper skin concept design Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone but later with the time, it was confirmed, Galaxy S5 would carry Ultra High Definition display which would not be flexible or 3D. And now as per the rumors, Galaxy S6 could be the first hyper skin concept smartphone which would be released for the general public. However, nothing has been officially confirmed from the Samsung’s end but still people have start imagining their star smartphone. But who knows, if someone’s imagination will match exactly to the original specification of Galaxy S6. In reality the possibility for this case is negligible.

On the web itself, few sources has started analysing the previous records and all the possibilities that when Samsung Galaxy S6 would appear in the market. Few analysts are saying, Galaxy S6 would appear in 2014 only, but in the last quarter of the year.

If we specifically talk about the 64-bit chipset of iPhone 5S, which has already taken the performance to the next level, in the comparison of S4 vs 5S in performance, the iPhone 5S is miles ahead. However, Galaxy S4 sounds more massive when we talk about the octa-core processor but actually it is not true octa-core processor. But hold your hearts for true Octa-core 64-bit processor chipset in Galaxy S5 and later on Galaxy S6 would take it to next level.

The story will not end here, a revolution is already started. Every day with the arrival of new technologies and sensors, expectations from Samsung S5 is increasing and on other hand, Galaxy S6 news is spreading like fire in woods. For more information, you can visit which has collected all the possibilities for Galaxy S6.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S5 Would Carry 64-bit Chipset

  1. that is really good information that galaxy s5 and s6 will work on 64 bit processor for multitasking, but when galaxy s6 will get launch this is the big question as i want to buy one.

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