Pantech Crossover Smartphone

For under $100, the Pantech Crossover smartphone is a very low cost entry-level smart phone which is perfect if you have never owned a smart phone before or want to use a cell phone booster. The Pantech Crossover has a 3.1 inch full touch screen, which has the standard 4 Android buttons at the bottom. With the Android Operating System pre installed, the Pantech Crossover is a fun and entertaining option for the user, even with its small price tag. Underneath the touch screen is a hidden keyboard, which slides out to allow you to type on the phone. This is optional, although you may prefer to use this keypad rather than the on-screen keyboard as you can see more of the screen with the physical keypad option.

Where the Pantech Crossover Smart Phone may let you down is with its processor speed. One of the big advantages Android has over it’s competitors is the ability to allow the user to view flash with their mobile phone. So far, Android has been the only operating system for mobile devices that has been able to offer this feature. Because of the hardware requirements of flash for mobiles, however, the Pantech Crossover is not able to play flash content, as its processor is simply not fast enough.

Having said that you are still getting an excellent phone for your money. You still have a great quality 3 mega pixel camera/camcorder. There is 2GB internal memory included with the phone, which will be enough for storing photos, but if you do intend to use the Pantech Crossover Smart Phone for recording videos, then you should take advantage of the expandable microSD card slot, which will allow you to add up to an additional 32GB of storage space.

For a no-nonsense smart phone, which is highly affordable, the Pantech Crossover Smart Phone is a good option. You should be prepared to sacrifice some power from the more expensive smart phones, but for the price, you will be getting a great deal.

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