Omnia – Not Just A Mobile

The Samsung’s new Omnia numbered at i910 is the most popular model of the brand. In this age, mobiles are not just for communication in the conventional terms. But you can do anything and everything with a phone. Omnia is one such touch of technology at its best. The 3G support and the crystal clear 5.0 megapixel camera are the primary advantages of the mobile phone. Samsung is proud of the design, Wifi and the rare television output from the phone.

The intelligent hardware is compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile platform which is not available in most of the models. The operating system is fast and good enough and yes, it does support the usual Java mobile stuff. The sensitive touch screen needs a little extra care but the look and feel makes the owner proud! Another interesting feature is the dual version of the phone where the memory can be extended to either 8GB or 16GB. The Samsung Omnia can be a very good business phone as well as a personal mobile for regular use.

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