Nokia N85 Mobile Phone Review

A lot of people said that the N85 is a replacement to the N82, which is one of the best mobile devices that Nokia has produced. However, they are both targeted at different markets and the N82 is still on sale and not discontinued by Nokia.

Sporting the same form factor as the N96, the N85 is a dual slider device too. Running on Symbian S60, the N85 has a very minimalist design. I liked the call and end call buttons design very much. Sliding the phone up will reveal the number pad. Although there are no seams between the keys, it is still very much usable. Slide the phone down and the screen will automatically switch landscape mode and you will find four extra buttons. These four extra buttons are music control buttons but when you play a game, the button will turn into two gaming buttons.

The Carl Zeiss, 5.0 megapixel camera sits at the back of the device. There is a dedicated button on the side of the phone and you’ll need to slide the lens cover open. I liked this design as it will protect the camera lens. However, the N85 still uses LED lights as flash instead of Xenon flash like the N82. This is a huge turn off for those who plan to upgrade their N85.

The overall operation of the phone is fast and there were no lags encountered during our course of usage but then again, the device is brand new and there weren’t many application installed on it.

I’m still bugged by the fact that N85 doesn’t use Xenon flash as the camera’s flash. The implementation of Xenon on the N82 was a very welcomed feature. The N85 performs just as good as the N96. So if you don’t need the extra bells and whistles on the N96, the N85 is the one you need.

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