Nokia E61i Review


The Nokia E61i may look like a wide but smaller scientific calculator but it is really one of the best smart phones in the world. Which is why that it is unfortunate this phone does not provide 3G support for its US users. However, this is considered as one of Nokia’s best phone that anyone can take in the boardroom as well as in any rugged outing. The phone boasts of an S60 Symbian OS, a WiFi antenna and the best QWERTY keypad, with large keys and a rubberized texture.

This smart phone’s ability to operate using European 3G networks makes it ideal for business users or jet setters who require its PDA-like features. The silver metal casing can be sophisticated for those who do not want frills on their cell phones and those who put preference on function rather than form. It is a little heavy at 150g but still thin enough to be pushed into a pocket. Heavy mobile web users will certainly appreciate the 2.8 inches screen display. The navigational buttons of the phone are also generally well-placed for the ease of the user with special keys for calling, contacts and menu.

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