Nokia 100 And Nokia 101 On Series 30 Launched

Nokia have introduced two basic entry-level mobile phone devices, called the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 respectively. Both of these devices are using the Series 30 platform as their operating system. Generally-speaking, the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 have similar features, except for the extra features of the Nokia 101 which has dual SIM support and a MP3 player on it. Interestingly, the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 has a longer battery lifetime, lasting up to 25 days.

In addition, both devices also offers a built-FM radio, and the Nokia 101 has memory card support of up to 16GB on it. Both of these devices will go on sale in selected markets soon, with a price of less than USD $50 each.

One thought on “Nokia 100 And Nokia 101 On Series 30 Launched

  1. Flipout, which comes with two changeable battery covers, has 512 MB RAM, 512
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