The Nexus 4: Good For Poker Players And The Fast-paced French Lifestyle?

If you’re looking for a new smartphone and you’re into poker, it’s fair to say you’d like to a) get out of a contract, and b) ensure that you’ll have a powerful device capable of doing everything from handling livestreams of some of the best poker players in the world at in-person tournaments to doing some gaming of your own – or even putting together a strategy for your next tournament, on the go. For this reason, we’re going to go with the Nexus 4, a handset we consider to be the best deal the world of smartphones has ever offered. Visit wegotitonline to find out more regarding Invicta watches.

First up, it’s got the specs of a Samsung Galaxy S3 (the previous market leader), and it’s also got 2GB of RAM on top of that, so already you’re looking at a powerful phone, which means if you’re away from the powerful PC you use for work or online poker, it’s not going to feel like you’ve been cut off. Then there’s your graphics power, an impressive CPU and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which rounds off a range of specs that mean this is a gamer’s phone, a surfer’s phone. This is not your average budget Nokia.

That’s a major advantage for those in nations like France, where technology ties in with fashion as often as it does in other locales around the world, and as one of the argued origin points of poker, the Nexus 4 seems like an ideal match for those in France who want a good phone to show off to their friends when they’re next on Sadly at the moment even those in Paris are struggling to get a hold of the phone, as it sold out in Europe just as quickly as everywhere else, so French phone fans are going to have to wait a little longer. But it’s worth the wait.

Why, you ask? Because not only does it have the aforementioned benefits, it’s also ideal for those who do play poker online and want a portable series of poker games to keep them sharp while not feeling like they’re constantly running out of battery life. In addition, charging the thing couldn’t be easier, given that you can simply put it down on a dock that it’ll stick to and it charges. No cables, unless you want to use one. Not bad for those who tend to jump on the Metro, game heavily on the commute, and ensure that they can quickly place their phone down to charge while they’re on their way into a morning meeting. Quick and easy, and suits the busy Paris lifestyle.

Also, the build quality and overall aesthetic of the device is, quite simply, stunning. A characterful back panel that is pixelated only at certain angles, a smooth black shell and of course, a big, bright 4.2 screen, full of all the poker apps you could ever want, and if you get it direct from Google for half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you’ll get it without any of the typical service provider bloatware.

Just how Google have pulled this one off is beyond us, but we’ll say this much – want a phone that matches a life holding cards, living it large and ensuring that your to-hand tech is capable? We can’t think of anything better. It’s going to smash sales records if they can ever meet demand, and those living in Paris, a hub of European commerce, it’ll become a vital device that winks coyly at Apple’s efforts with the iPhone 5 before offering a more modestly priced and open experience. No wonder it sold out within an hour around the world, huh?

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