New Excitement In Samsung Beat 270

The Samsung Beat 270 is one of the most elegant models which are fast moving in the market. It includes many new advanced and highly technical features like karaoke music being played which brings excitement to all. Also one mesmerizing feature in it is the music-recognition software it has. It brings surprise to many when it provides us with all information regarding the song played which makes the model outstanding.

The Samsung model Beat 270 is almost 101 grams in weight. It has about 1 GB free disk for the storage of songs and it provides a support for the MicroSD slot which can store up to 4GB of memory. It is a slider model with its appearances so elegant and action-packed. The sound effect should be noted in this as they can offer us a double stereo effect with almost sounds hitting the ears. We can play downloaded Java-based games in the mobile and this it is one of the most entertaining model. It provides us with easy internet accessibility and comes with other features too such as a 2MP camera, music player and Bluetooth embedded in it.

8 thoughts on “New Excitement In Samsung Beat 270

  1. Does this model display the whole song subtitles
    while the song is playing?
    I am asking becoz i have lesser hearing capacity
    and can understand a song’s tunes better
    by reading the lyrics while listening with the headphone
    Do reply

  2. wanna buy new cell phone wid 3.2mp n latest music player n cool sound quality b/w 8 to 13000 ……………
    m cell no. 9871446863

  3. hi ripu,
    2 days ago i bought nokia 5610 and now m feelin to sell it as i got another mob as my b’day gift……..i bought it 4 11400 and will sell it at around 10800… its totally in brand new condition with bill and everything if u are or ne1 interested don contact me.
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  4. i hav the beat 270 its good in music sound is also good but it donot support some sound format like wmv .ext etc. Also its camera is 2MP but its clearity is very low and its recording capacity is not that much good
    its inside look is not impressing . but overall it can be graded upto A grade

  5. samsung beat 270 has best in class sound quality, it also has a big list of equilizer cammera 2mp good enough to take normal pictures and to share ,it also has karoke feature and java games are enable…..i will give this phone 8/10 bcoz of its excelent sound quality.

  6. When I transfer JPG files more than 1 MB on new Beat 270, while opening it erros out as unsupported type.

    Whereas the pictures less than 1 MB opens perfectly.

    Samsung s/w has such limitations in older mobiles though…

    Seems BAD compared to other mobiles w.r.t. display
    of pictures

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