Motorola Cliq Smartphone Review

Motorola Cliq

Motorola has come up with their new smartphone model, the Motorola CLIQ which is powered by the Google Android mobile operating system. This smartphone is solid and attractive, with a strong focus on social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. With a big, 3.1-inch screen, a rectangular design (with curved edges) and a slide-away QWERTY keyboard, the CLIQ sits firmly between the clunky G1 and the flashy MyTouch.

The CLIQ’s home screen is divided into three main areas. One shows the latest social news from any of many networks –- Facebook status updates, Twitter tweet, Flickr photos and so on. The second pulls together all the messages directly to you, whether by e-mail, text message or over a social network. By tapping on the icons, one can scroll through older messages and updates. There is a third region that lets you update our status on any or all of your social networks.

A modern smartphone is a tool that interacts with the world. It lets you communicate with people, gather information, navigate streets, and so on. An Internet service that keeps track of how you relate to people and information can make this tool far more powerful. Motorola CLIQ fulfils both these needs and hence this is potentially a new force to reckon with in the mobile world.

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