LG Optimus GT 540 Review

This smartphone released last year has received quite a good response from the market. The producer, which is South Korean, has come to the idea of finally utilizing the smartphone technology to dive into the popular market streams when it comes to mobile phones. LG Optimus GT540 is using Android as its operating system. Some of the phones already have the latest upgraded Android version 2.1 which is more fascinating to use compared to the initial version of 1.6. This is the reason why at a very competitive price, the phone is running fast you would not notice it’s the less expensive smartphone. It will not give you any difficulty or any hang time while navigating through the interface.

Like any other 3 inches touch screen phone, LG has not disregarded popular applications that would let its users going even without their laptops or pc’s. Built-in applications like Facebook and Twitter is supported without flaws. You can also enjoy taking pictures with its 3 megapixel resolution camera or capturing a scene via its MPEG4 video recording format. For the video playback, you can enjoy replaying the scene over and over as it is played by the clear support of DivX and XviD.

Connectivity will not also be a problem. You can always access the internet using Wi-Fi on areas where it is accessible. Bluetooth version 2.1 and USB version 2.0 connection is also included in the pack. For people on the go, you can enjoy the battery life of this phone. The normal talk time is 5.50 hours while the talk time with 3G is 4.33 hours. For the stand-by time with or without 3G is 500 hours.

Since LG Optimus GT 540 is planned as a candy bar, it is very likely that users will first fall in love with its sleek and smooth design. The texture is like a brushed metal but the edges are round making it look like a strong yet smooth smartphone.

Overall, the second smartphone of LG is dominating the market as it offers the best features for a top-of-the-line phone in a more affordable price.

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