LG Ally

If you like the smart phones that have an additional keyboard under the screen, you’ll probably like the LG Ally. With a 3.2-inch display, this is a smaller phone but the additional keyboard allows you to make the most of your screen area. The LG smart phones come with the Android operating system installed, along with LG’s own additional software, which allows you to merge your social networks, have additional keyboard options and group your apps into categories.

At 5.57 oz, this isn’t a very heavy phone, and as it is only 4.5 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide, it is very compact. The LG Ally has a 480 x 800 pixel screen which is protected with gorilla glass. If you have not heard of gorilla glass, you are in for a pleasant treat. The glass is highly durable, and is incredibly scratch resistant. You could have your keys and your LG Ally in your pocket together, and the glass would not become scratched. The gorilla glass is also finger print proof, so you wont have to keep constantly cleaning the screen in order to see through the finger print smudges.

With only a 600MHz processor, the LG Ally is not the most powerful phone available. You wont be able to take advantage of Android’s ability to show flash, and you may need to keep your apps closed when you’re not using them, but then again, the LG Ally is not an expensive smart phone and for its price, you get more than you would usually expect.

With dual band network capability, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to connections, and if you are hard of hearing, you may be interested to know that the LG Ally has a M4/T3 rating for hearing aid compatibility.

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