The IPhone 4S Is Possibly The Best Phone On The Market Today

That might be a bold statement to make, but there are tons of reasons why this may be the case. Setting aside the Apple vs Google argument, one will find the iPhone 4s is loaded with handy and attractive features. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 4S – and it’s understandable, because this new model of Apple’s most popular tech device has superseded the expectations of Apple fanatics everywhere. Despite the fact that everyone was presuming this model of the iPhone to be named the ‘iPhone 5’, it’s “4S” moniker has had enough klout to give it the heave it needed despite the name implying that it was only an enhancement of the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S’ greatest features is probably Siri – the intelligent, voice-activated “assistant” that understands your every command from “send text to Mom” to “any good burger joints around here?”. The phone boasts bionic power and speed, too, with a dual-core A5 chip that delivers about two times more juice, seven times faster graphics, and an remarkable battery life. The 4S camera will blow you away as well and may very well be the most excellent camera on a phone, ever. It delivers 8 megapixel resolution, a custom lens, an illumination sensor, superior color accuracy and more. To boot, the phone’s iOS 5 is the most sophisticated platform around and features a highly-sensitive Multi-Touch panel and over 500,000 already-included apps.

If you’re still on the fence about the iPhone, the 4S may be the one to tip the scales towards purchasing one because it truly is one of Apple’s most revolutionary moves to date. When you do make your iPurchase (or if you already own the blazing gadget), remember the rule of thumb in the land of technology: the more precious the iDevice, the more you should safeguard it. For this reason, as you’re choosing the best accessories to trick out your new toy, make sure you choose a case that is durable and sturdy to protect your iPhone from any possible mishaps or slips. We all know how expensive they are, so taking the added caution to ensure it’s in a shock absorbing shell or casing of some kind is the very first thing you should do after cracking it out of the box. On top of that you may want to also consider an extended warranty plan to extend the protection period from the manufacturer.

About the author: Thomas Vickary is a guest blogger who enjoys writing posts on gadgets and new technology. He also writes articles on iPhone jailbreak software and other helpful iPhone related articles and tips.

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