I Have To Start Thinking About A New Laptop

I have had this laptop since I went off to NC State out of High School. Before that I just had a desktop computer and I replaced it a couple of years ago. That is what I use if I have any serious stuff to do, because this laptop is not all that capable any more. It is simply out of date and over time it seems to have gotten slower for what ever reason.

So I am going to take a good long hard look at the best Cyber Monday laptop deals for 2014. I am not sure what I am going to be looking for. Obviously there are a wide variety of options. The nicest thing would be if you could find a real gaming laptop at a reasonable price and I am guessing that it is not going to be too far in the future when that becomes a real possibility.
That is because the latest types of computer chips are going to be able to operate a lot more efficiently and thus they will be able to produce high performance for laptops and mobile devices, the sort of performance which was previously only found in powerful desktop computers.

For now that sort of thing is not going to be a practical option for me. Instead I am thinking of something that might be called a desktop replacement. That is because I need a pretty capable machine and I am not all that concerned about having to lug it around with me. If it weighs a bit more than you would like that is not too big of a deal to me. Of course they make really ultra light computers that a woman could fit in a purse, but those are not suited to me as I have huge fingers.

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