HTC Touch Viva Smartphone Review

The original HTC Touch was one of HTC’s best sellers during its heyday as it was small, powerful and most of all runs HTC’s Touch interface on top of Windows Mobile. There have been a few rebirths of the HTC Touch but the newest version, the HTC Touch Viva is one that will re-ignite the original Touch’s status. Built just like the original Touch, the Touch Viva is equipped with a 2.8 inch touch screen with QVGA resolution. Its design is simple and nice with no hidden hanky-panky on it. The only button is visible is the Call and End Call buttons, as well as the five way directional pad.

Running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition, the HTC Touch Viva runs the HTC Touch interface like its other siblings. There were no lags in using the Touch interface at all and it performed even better than the more expensive HTC devices like the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. However, bear in mind that they are running different version of the Touch interface. You will not get the cool animations found on the Touch interface.

Being an entry-level smart phone, the Touch Viva boasts a 2.0 megapixel camera that’s recessed into the enclosure. While this design is great for protecting the camera lens, dirt will eventually make its way through into the case, something of which most of us don’t want. The camera quality is not excellent but is sufficient enough for candid snapshots.

The virtual QWERTY keyboard was surprisingly good for fingers like mine. I was able to type a 150 word document using the virtual QWERTY keyboard with ease. I also like that you can hold your finger down, select the character you want and lift your finger. In my opinion, it’s more accurate to type like this on a touch sensitive phone.

I do not have many complaints about the HTC Touch Viva apart from the possibility of having dirt going into the case via the camera lens area. The Touch Viva is great for those who are tired of the usual phones they have been using and plans to upgrade to a smart phone but don’t want to spend that much. A must-buy for all smart phone beginners.

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