Heavy Cell Phone Use Tied To Poorer Sperm Quality


Now who would guess that using a cell phone all the time can cause men to become infertile? According to a study:

Spending hours on a cell phone each day may affect the quality of a man’s sperm, preliminary research suggests. In a study of 361 men seen at their infertility clinic, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found an association between the patients’ cell phone use and their sperm quality. On average, the more hours the men spent on their cell phones each day, the lower their sperm count and the greater their percentage of abnormal sperm.

The findings, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, add to questions about the potential health effects of cell phones and other wireless devices. Some studies, for example, have linked long-term cell phone use to a higher risk of brain tumors, though many other studies have found no such connection. The concern is that, over time, the electromagnetic energy emitted from mobile phones could theoretically harm body tissue — by damaging DNA, for example.

The report goes on to say that the result is not yet conclusive, but who is going to take the chances of that? Unless, of course, if you don’t want kids in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Heavy Cell Phone Use Tied To Poorer Sperm Quality

  1. I often heard of that…If that is really true, hope scientist could find a way to reduce or minimize these radiation to our bodies. Maybe by using medicine or the casing for the phone…I have no idea how..but phone is one of the man necessity..nn1

  2. The website goes into the Swedish studies in much greater detail.
    The report also cites studies that state cell phone radiation can affect male fertility,
    damage DNA, and harmful to pregnant women. Using your home,
    public or office phone whenever available is another option.

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