Communicating With Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is first and foremost a communicator. Like all communicator devices, a user has to adapt to the learning curve. To harness the potential of the Windows Phone 7 software, here are some tips to get you started.

Call and Messaging

A big part of the Windows Phone 7 experience lies with the communication aspect. It’s important for one to learn the ropes behind operating calls and sending text messages with a Windows Phone 7 device.

The Phone hub shows you a call history list Right below, you have shortcuts to your voice mail, dial pad and a phone book which brings you to the People hub.

1. Look out for the + sign in the starting page of your Messaging hub, the shortcut to creating a new message.

2. And while you’re drafting the message, you could type the name as it appears in your People hub, or click on the smaller + button to add a contact into your message.

3. Clicking on the paper clip icon will allow you to attach images onto your messages. A camera icon is also available, allowing you to take a snapshot and attaching it immediately onto your message.


Besides its cellular capabilities, your Windows Phone 7 device also covers the internet space with its support for a wide variety of email accounts.

1. Go to settings and select email & accounts to proceed with your email setup.

2. In the Email hub, click on the secondary menu to bring up the settings menu, where your signature can be added to outgoing emails.

3. Multiple email accounts, even from the same provider such as Google, can be synchronized.


The design behind Windows Phone 7’s people hub is built on the concept of connecting people. Within this hub, one can easily access their contacts, allowing them to call or message them with just a few clicks.

1.  If you find the All page to be too extensive, you can click on the magnifying glass icon to do a quick search.

2.  With Facebook integrated within the People hub, you can check the latest updates from your Facebook account and even like or add comments to your friend’s postings.

3. Depending on the data found within your contact, you can call, SMS or send an email right away.

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