Changjiang A968: Popular TV Mobile Phone Watch Your TV Station On The Go!

You have to admit that mobile phones from China are all the rage these days, especially in Malaysia.

The other day I went to Plaza Alam Central in Shah Alam with my fiancee and I saw many of the mobile phone shops on Level 3 selling a lot of models and brands from China mobile phone manufacturers.

This particular TV mobile phone called the Changjiang A968 caught our attention especially.

It has Dual SIM capability which means that you don’t have to buy two handphones in order to have two mobile numbers. Other features include a dual standby TV super chip and signal, an FM stereo radio, GPRS-WAP-MMS capabilities and also a 3MP camera where you can take good photos with it. 

It has a touch screen with a nice appearance and comes in a black silver colour. It has PDA-like capabilities and you can use the touchpad to write directly with the touchpad pen that comes included with the phone. At a very cheap price, it is certainly worth the buy, however quality may be an issue with the phone on the long term although we didn’t face any problems with it on initial testing.

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12 thoughts on “Changjiang A968: Popular TV Mobile Phone Watch Your TV Station On The Go!

  1. I bought this phone. Its quite a good phone with a lot of features. Just one problem…I couldn’t get the caller’s name & photo/picture displayed on the phone when they call eventhough their names and photo/picture are in the contact list/phone. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you….

  2. Hi Robin,

    I bought this phone like 2 days ago. I found a way to allow the call to recognise the numbers in the phonebook. You have to save the number 2 times. One with the area code in Front for eg Singapore is +65 and number of the contact and the normal number without the area code/ country code. But doing this is tedious and will have to take up another field for the number. Hope this helps.

    Have a good day ahead.

    Does anyone know where to install themes on this phone or what is the theme format?

  3. HI Robin.,
    This is Quite easy task. Just tell ur friend to dail to ur number. You will find +91 prefixed with number. just save that number to ur contact list and add photo or video. make sure that u dont move photos from the folder.

  4. your mobiles are working good and looking very fine. but there is very problem for the materials. if any problem comes service people are asking more money which a common man cannot give as much. if is the only disadvantage. so please if you can directly send me this “changjiang A968” mobile display i will pay the amount please give me reply to this. please.

  5. How do you configure your mms settings to work because mine says “gprs is not subscribed”. The Data account thing also confuses me too/

  6. Hey i got this phone about a month ago im trying to figure out how to download themes and games onto the phone

  7. hi to all..i have that phone,i used it,it ok,,i used the mms,the internet,,i activte the gprs,,to activate the mms it is depend to the network u use,,i think this type of phone cnt change the themes,,all i know is the screensaver and wallpaper can change,,,

  8. hello Robin, this might be help a bit.. store the caller names in phone memory.. and set the area code eg. +60 + caller number at “home number” field and regular caller number at “number” field.. i did this and it’s work very well…

  9. It is easy to display caller video and photos. All you have to do is
    1. Save the contact number in phone book (it does not support from sim)
    2. go to phone book option
    3. select caller picture, select picture less than 20k
    4. select 2 option to selected entry.
    5. it displays the numbers select one number which you want
    6. ok thats it.

    Hope it was helpful

    Can anyone upload user manual of A968 (English)
    Thank u

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