Blaze Your Way Through Motoblur

Android phones can get a little trick to adapt to, especially with many manufacturers placing special attention on their own customized user-interfaces. For some however such as Motorola’s very own unique MOTOBLUR, there’s so much more than meets the eye. Your new Motorola Atrix for instance might be one of the most powerful dual-core snartphones out there, but you aren’t getting the full experience if you aren’t taking advantage of what MOTOBLUR can do for you. These simple steps will give you the lowdown on key features and how to get your phone organized – MOTO style.

Creating Your MOTOBLUR Account

On starting up the Atrix (or any Motorola phone powered by MOTOBLUR), you will be prompted to create a MOTOBLUR account. MOTOBLUR is not just a powerful hub to intergrate contact and social network services, but has many other advantages such as locating a lost phone and performing remote wipes.

Setting Up Other Accounts

Once you get your MOTOBLUR login ready, you can further enhance your experience by syncing with numerous social network, email, and professional network sites including, but not limited to, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa,, and Linkedln. With MOTOBLUR’s powerful contact Integration you can view and get updates from all these various social networks under one central service without additional apps.

Managing Contacts

Clicking on the Contacts app will lead you to a laundry list of… well, contacts. This is where every possible contact from all your synced accounts will appear, while initially daunting to filter through, some basic housekeeping will get you one of the most powerful central contact databases you’ll find on any phone.

Managing Social Network Feeds

Get easy access to all your social updates with the relevant accounts synced with MOTOBLUR. View friend updates directly on your contact list or a central Social Networking widget without the need to download multiple apps. Simply click on the Social Networking app to manage these accounts or broadcast your status across selected services.

Managing Messages

The MOTOBLUR interface comes packed with a unique Messaging app that contains a folder called Universal inbox. As per its namesake, all messages—whether from SMSes, synced Twitter, or Facebook accounts—will be shown here. You can also choose to edit the Universal Inbox space to include or exclude certain inboxes so as to reduce clutter. If you prefer to access them individually you simply tap on any of the other icons available.

Resizing widgets on MOTOBLUR

The unique thing about MOTOBLUR is that it allows users to further personalize their widgets. Say you want your social media feed or calendar updates to cover an entire screen, or your weather widget to be as compact as possible—the interface gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your widget.

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