Sony-Ericsson V630 Will Amaze You

Sony-Ericsson has time and again come out with a lot of special models for its customers. These models are cheap and come in a variety of colors and loaded with a lot of features. The Sony Ericsson V630 is one of the latest phones that have been introduced in the market. This phone is actually a phone which consists of both the music player and also the video player. With the help of this phone, one will be able to load in to it a lot of music files and enjoy them while on the move.

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HTC Touch 3G Smartphone

I had the HTC Touch VIVA previously and I’m pretty impressed at what it could do. However, there is something missing from the VIVA – 3G connection. However, do not be disappointed as HTC heard your pleas and launched the HTC Touch 3G last month. To the untrained eye, the HTC Touch 3G looks exactly the same as the HTC Touch VIVA but upon closer inspection, instead of the plastic shimmering material used on the Touch VIVA, the Touch 3G has a rubberized enclosure, giving a better and firmer grip to the device.

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Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1 Smartphone

The Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1 has been creating hype in the industry for quite some time now. Being Sony-Ericsson’s first Windows Mobile phone, the X1 needs a little more than luck to compete in this ultra competitive market.

This review unit is solid black in color and Sony-Ericsson offers a silver version as well. Unlike mobile devices these days, the X1 is heavy, weighing at 158 grams. This is mainly because of its steel construction, which is evident as even the battery cover is made out of metal. The hefty weight didn’t put me down. In fact, I prefer that it weighs this much because it gives me a better grip as well as feeling that it is sturdily built.

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Unlock The IPhone

You have your new Apple iPhone and yet you cannot use it due to the restrictions imposed on the unit? Not to worry, this means that this is the time to jailbreak your iPhone. Now you can get a software that is used to unlock iphone called Unlock The iPhone. The software is being sold for $29.95 and it is able to unlock any type of Apple iPhone. It can even unlock iphone 3g versions. You can be sure that your Apple iPhone will always remain unlocked, thanks to the free updates that they provide. This is certainly something that Apple iPhone owners would not want to miss out and with the 30-days money back guarantee, there is certainly nothing to lose.