Web-surfing Phones Riding High


The Korea Times report that the mobile Internet is the hottest issue among early adopters of technology in Korea. The three most popular handsets these days according to a local technology website are all touch-screen phones specializing in Web browsing ― Samsung’s Haptic, Pantech & Curitel’s CanU and LG’s Touch Web Phone. The above picture features a user searching for video clips on YouTube utilising a Samsung Haptic phone with a pencil tip.

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Nokia E61i Review


The Nokia E61i may look like a wide but smaller scientific calculator but it is really one of the best smart phones in the world. Which is why that it is unfortunate this phone does not provide 3G support for its US users. However, this is considered as one of Nokia’s best phone that anyone can take in the boardroom as well as in any rugged outing. The phone boasts of an S60 Symbian OS, a WiFi antenna and the best QWERTY keypad, with large keys and a rubberized texture.

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Samsung A517 Phone


The Samsung A517 is a mid-range phone which meet all the basic requirements of a mobile phone but does not claim to have any new features. This is a slim mobile grab measuring 95 x 48 x 16 mm and a weight of only 82 grams, it is so easy to push and keep in your purse or even your jeans pocket. Those who are usually on their cell phones for the time would not be disappointed, because the external screen has a very large numbers which tells you the time.

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Conference Calls


Conference Calls is the latest technology that comes with the modern world and in the UK, this is not the exception. This is now possible in the UK with the features offered by Conference Genie, a service provider which offers Call Conferencing services. They provide services at amazingly competitive prices which undoubtedly makes them the lowest-cost provider of conferencing in the UK market. The client details of the company also reflects their experience in providing Audio Conference in the UK.

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